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Irregular Spellings

Some words are not spelled as they sound and present problems for spellers. For example, the word said, which rhymes with led and fed, might be spelled as sed by beginning writers. The use of ai for the sound of short e is an irregular spelling. More words with irregular spellings are listed below.

Word Pronunciation Word Pronunciation
ache ayk lawyer LAW yur
acre AY kur light lyt
again uh GEN machine muh SHEEN
answer AN sur mother MUHTH ur
antique an TEEK nymph nihmf
any EN ee ocean OH shun
because bih KAWZ of uhv
become bih KUHM often AW fun
been bihn once wuhns
bologna buh LOH nee only OHN lee
bridge brihj people PEE pul
castle KAS ul phantom FAN tum
catch kach pharaoh FAY roh
chamois SHAM ee phrase frayz
chaos KAY AS physical FIHZ ih kul
circuit SUR kiht please pleez
climb klym quote kwoht
color KUHL ur recede ree SEED
comfortable KUHM fur tuh bul rhyme rym
could cud rough ruhf
country KUHN tree said sed
cycle SYE kul seize seez
debut day BYOO should shud
depot DEE poh straight strayt
do doo sure shur
does duhz they thay
door dor thought thawttuh
dumb dorduhm today tuh DAY
earth urth trough trawf
enough ih NUHF Tuesday TUZ day
eyes eyez unique yoo NEEK
father FAH thur vegetable VEJ tuh bul
few fyoo victuals VIHT lz
find fynd was wuhz
friends frendz water WAW tur
from fruhm Wednesday WENZ day
height hyt were wur
indict ihn DYT what hwaht
journey JUR nee who hoo
knee nee young yuhng


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