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Guidelines for Walk-in Use

The Academic Support Lab is a classroom lab. The Lab equipment and the staff’s time are primarily for the use of students enrolled in the Academic Skills courses who are working on their basic skills improvement. Walk-in students do not have priority use of the lab; you are a guest in this lab. If a machine is needed by a lab student, we will do all we can to accommodate you, but if space or staff resources are unavailable you may be asked to leave. In addition, we request you know basic computer skills as we are not set up to provide you with on-to-one, on the spot training; Cuesta College has numerous courses in which you can enroll and learn such skills.

Every student using this lab must log in.

  • Always log in when you come in and log out when you leave. All uses of the lab need to be documented.
  • If a staff member needs to free a machine for an enrolled lab student, the Walk-in student who has been here the longest will be the first to be asked to leave.

Provide your own flashdrive on which to save your work. Work saved to the hard drive will be deleted. Staff is not responsible for work lost, so always work with a flashdrive.

Printing Policy—You will not be charged for printing; however, please print sparingly. If you need multiple copies of the same document (e.g., group project) use the copy machines in the library for additional copies. If your document is longer than 10 pages, you need to print elsewhere (e.g., Cuesta College library, Kinko’s). Abuse of these printing privileges may result in you losing your access to the lab.

Internet policy—Walk-in students are not allowed to print files downloaded from the Internet. You may save these files to your own flashdrive; do not save these files to the hard drive.

Do not use these machines for personal work (e.g., letters to friends and /or family, personal resumes, “for sale” signs, etc.). Lab equipment is for your college/academic work only; and you may lose your lab privileges if you are caught working on personal items.

Utilize every opportunity to make your college transition easier and more gratifying.

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