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There are no Learning Communities for the 2009-10 academic year.

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Mixed Media Messages

What three prime-time classes can I take which will help me with writing and study skills?  All courses are AA Degree applicable and/or CSU Degree Applicable.

  • Join a community of learners to deepen your understanding of health issues and how they connect to other college courses and areas of your life.
  • Earn 10 units while fulfilling the health education graduation requirement.
  • Enhance your writing, reading, and studying while applying critical thinking and problem solving skills to today's most perplexing health issues.
  • Become the Master Student you were meant to be!

Weaving the Web

Weaving the Web integrates Microbiology, Reading & Study Strategies for Nursing, and weekly group tutoring. Learn to:

  • decipher medical terminology
  • comprehend scientific texts and articles
  • collaborate with peers and supervisors
  • analyze data for further patient assessment
  • adhere to lab protocols
  • think and read critically
  • reason deductively
  • manage your time and organize your life

Studying Human Physiology

  • Promotes comprehension and retention of Human Physiology textbook, lecture material, and related articles.
  • Fosters better understanding of medical terminology, academic study strategies, critical thinking, problem solving, and test preparation as they relate to the sciences.
  • Collaborative approaches and small group work are emphasized to apply, reinforce, transfer, and deepen learning.

Pre-Nursing Academic Rx

  • Introduces students to the reading, writing, researching, and computational expectations of the nursing program and profession
  • If you are planning on entering the nursing program at Cuesta College, you may need relief from a number of moderate to severe academic ailments, such as the following:
    • medical terminology tremors
    • reading attention deficit disorder
    • computational cramps
    • research paper paralysis
    • analytical aneurisms
    • math anxiety attacks

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