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Learning Communities

  • Integrate Knowledge
  • Connect People
  • Enhance Skills
  • Stimulate Thinking
  • Foster Confidence
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There are no Learning Communities for the 2009-10 academic year.

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What is a Learning Community?

Learning Communities offer an alternative to the traditional individual course approach. They link students, curricula, and faculty from multiple courses into a single "community of learners" for the purposes of providing a broader perspective on a unifying theme and providing a meaningful context for academic learning strategies. By using a theme and incorporating student-centered approaches, such as active, collaborative, and reflective learning strategies, both instructors and students experience a more coherent and enriched teaching and learning environment.

A Learning Community is a cluster of classes where students and faculty simultaneously address the needs for

  • Greater intellectual interaction:

    Student to Student

    Student to Faculty

    Faculty to Faculty

  • Integration of ideas among disciplines
  • Inclusion of diverse perspectives
  • Active learning
  • Critical thinking
  • Student retention

What does it offer you?

  • Prime time classes
  • Strong support network of fellow students and faculty
  • Personal interaction with instructors and counselors
  • Academic support assistance and other campus resources
  • Integrated assignments offer help with papers and textbook comprehension
  • Access to current computer technology

Here's what Cuesta students say about Learning Communities...

"Participating in a Learning Community is like eating ice cream on a hot day. It's fun and refreshing at the same time."

"Courses are related and we apply what we learn."

"There's more time to do homework because the teachers talk to each other and know when the class is having a test in another class."

"The best part about the community is the relationship each student builds with their peers and their teachers."

"I was not afraid to ask a question."

Learn what the National Learning Communities Project had to say about our Learning Communities.

For more information call:

  Berta Parrish, Academic Support Coordinator,
  (805) 546-3100 ext. 2484.

  Kat Blum, Counselor
  (805) 546-3100 ext.2553.


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