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Quit Smoking

Print out this assignment sheet before continuing.

Objective: This assignment will let you explore various methods for quitting smoking or quitting smokeless tobacco.

Directions: Visit ONE (1) of the smoking sites below. When you get to each site, follow their links to quit smoking information. I would like you to summarize the methods of quitting smoking that you think would be the best for you (if you are not a smoker, which methods do you think would work best for someone wishing to quit?). Be sure to list references. In other words list the web addresses (URLs) of the sites you visited. After you have completed your summary...

1. Use the Unit Assignment Post page on the Whole Health web site.

2. Submit your completed summary.

Be sure to print this assignment sheet before going to assessment site.

Points: 10

Arizona Smoker's Helpline:
The Arizona Smokers' Helpline website is your one stop resource for information to help you quit tobacco. If you are thinking about quitting, ready to quit or trying to maintain a tobacco free life, this site has highly interactive components to help you no matter which state of readiness you are at.

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