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Drug Facts

Print out this assignment sheet before continuing.

Objective: This assignment will let you explore various information sources about the drugs that you want to know more about. After completing this assignment, you should be able to recite more specifics about several drugs.

Directions: Visit ONE (1) of the drug related sites below. When you get to each site, find their drug information or "fact sheets". Choose three drugs that you want to know more about and then follow the links to information about each one. You may want to print out the information sheets on each drug. Then write a summary on each of the three drugs including how the results might be applied to your personal situation. After you have completed your summary,

1. Use the Unit Assignment Post page on the Whole Health web site.

2. Submit your completed summary.

Be sure to print this assignment sheet before going to assessment site.

Points: 10

National Institute on Drug Abuse


The Top 10 Drugs and Their Effects


Go to: Web of Addictions:

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