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Alcohol Blackouts

Print out this assignment sheet before continuing.

Objective: This assignment will let you explore a common phenomenon known as "alcohol-induced blackouts." Blackouts represent the inability to remember things that happened while one was drinking.  This assignment will review what is known about blackouts, the types of things that people do during them, and what alcohol does to the brain to cause them.

Directions: For this assignment you will visit the Health Services of the University of New Hampshire site or Bill Urell's Addiction Recovery Basics site.

Go to ONE or BOTH of the information pages on alcohol blackouts and summarize what you have learned.

Your summary should include a synopsis of the information, your personal opinions about the information, and then how you might apply the information to your personal situation.

Go to University of New Hampshire Health Services site, Blackouts: The What, the Why and the What's the Big Deal?

Go to Bill Urell's, Alcohol Blackout: Types Of Blackouts, How They Work, and Consequences

After you have completed your summary,

1. Use the Unit Assignment Post page at the Whole Health web site.

2. Submit in your completed assignment.

Be sure to print this assignment sheet before going to assessment site.

Points: 10

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