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Alcohol Use

Print out this assignment sheet before continuing.

Objective: This assignment will let you explore alcohol and it's effects. After completing this assignment, you will develop an awareness of how to keep your use of alcohol enjoyable and free of problems.

Directions: For this assignment you will visit the ALAC site. ALAC is the Alcohol Advisory Council of New Zealand. ALAC's primary objective is to promote moderation in the use of alcohol and to develop and promote strategies that will reduce alcohol related problems for the nation.

Choose ONE of the following four categories will take you to that section of the ALAC web site. When you get there, follow the links to information about that topic. Read as much as you can about the topic you select and then write a summary on the topic. REMEMBER, you only need to select ONE of the following four topics.

Your summary should include a synopsis of the information, your personal opinions about the information, and then how you might apply the information to your personal situation.

You can also choose the following self-scoring check up:

After you have completed your summary,

1. Use the Unit Assignment Post page on the Whole Health web site.

2. Submit your completed assignment.

Be sure to print this assignment sheet before going to assessment site.

Points: 10

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